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BodyTalk for every age

We will begin your session by discussing your health status and whatever other personal issues you may wish to address. Then, you will relax fully clothed on a comfortable massage table while I gently use your arm in such a manner to establish Yes/No communication with your body's Innate Wisdom. (This Yes/No communication is also called neuromuscular biofeedback, which is similar to applied kinesiology.) I will then ask your body what communication circuits have become compromised (aka, where the stress has thrown things out of whack) and in which order these lines of communication need to be repaired for the fastest possible healing process to occur. The amazing thing about your body is that it knows exactly what you need, and in what order, so your session is completely guided by your individual priorities in that specific session. No two sessions are ever the same. 

Once we have discovered the items that are a priority for balance, I will lightly tap you on the top of the head, which stimulates your brain and causes it to initiate corrections to the broken circuits, and then tap you on the sternum to "save" the corrected energy circuit in the heart center and to share this information with every single cell in the body. 

HOW DOES BODYTALK WORK? health consultant

BodyTalk Cortices technique

Because your body stores the changes made by the brain during the tapping process, this means that every formula or circuit that is corrected builds on the one before. Your body actually remembers the BodyTalk sessions it receives and your healing process will continue with each additional session you have.  A BodyTalk session usually lasts between 15 and 45 minutes. The length of a session is not indicative of the quality of the session or the results that occur; as even the simplest sessions can be quite profound.


BodyTalk Language of Health

BodyTalk is a revolutionary form of alternative healthcare, and encompasses:

 - Western Medical Expertise

 - the Energy Dynamics of Acupuncture

 - Osteopathic and Chiropractic Philosophy

 - The Clinical Findings of Applied Kinesiology

 - The insights of Modern Physics and Mathematics