About Robyn

 “I spent years ignoring what my body was trying to tell me, and ended up injured, sick and exhausted. I love that BodyTalk helps me to tune into what my body is saying… has reminded me how to listen to my own Innate wisdom and given me the grace to follow her instructions. It has taught me to ask, ‘What can I do for my body’ instead of‘What can my body do for me?’ It’s a beautiful conversation.ROBYN HOLM, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, AFAA PGE"I have always been passionate about health and nutrition due to my own digestive disorders and health challenges, but though I ate perfectly, exercised perfectly, and supplemented perfectly, I was still sick, exhausted, injured, and discouraged. It wasn't until I discovered BodyTalk and was able to address the underlying mental and emotional aspects as well as the physical that I began to get better! Not only did my horrific digestion sort itself out, but my skin cleared, my hormones regulated, the adrenal fatigue healed, chronic injuries resolved and the anxiety I had been plagued with since I was a child melted away ~ I had to share this discovery with others!"After 10 years in the health and fitness industry as a nutrition enthusiast, Group Fitness expert, International Instructor Trainer (Zumba Fitness) and Group Fitness Management Consultant, Robyn retired from fitness to pursue her passion for helping others as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner."There is nothing I love more than partnering with my clients along their own journeys to health and wellness and BodyTalk has given me this fantastic platform to help facilitate that process.  I will never get tired of witnessing people rediscover themselves and learn how to tap back into that still, small inner voice that has been speaking to them all along and then witnessing the amazing healing that takes place as a happy side-effect! For the first time in my health and fitness career, I feel like I'm working with a full toolbox; nutrition, healthy movement, and BodyTalk! I'm hooked!!"

"I love that BodyTalk education is never complete; there are always more cutting-edge courses coming out every year, and these are a few of the ones I've been fortunate enough to study thus far"- BodyTalk Access- Advanced BodyTalk- Fundamentals 1/2 (Module 1/2)- Principles of Consciousness (Module 3)- Bio-Dynamics (Module 4/7)- Lymphatic Drainage and Applied Anatomy & Physiology (Module 5)  - Macrocosmic BodyMind (Module 6)- Matrix Dynamics (Module 9)- BodyTalk Advanced Integration - Eastern Medicine for BodyTalkers- BodyPsychology- Shoulders, Hips, Spine, Fasia, Water, Organs, Endocrines- BreakThrough 1- MindScape 1- FreeFall 1- Linking Awareness-Intercellular Communication                                                                        Further Studies:- BCRPA Weight Trainer and Fitness Leader- canfitpro FIS- AFAA Group Exercise- AFAA Yoga Certificate- Lymphatic Drainage and Applied Anatomy & Physiology (Module 5)  - Zumba Fitness®- 6 Modules- ‘BodyTrainingSystems/MOSSA’ -7 Modules- Anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, resistance training, nutrition, food allergies and intolerances, GAPS, low-carb eating, Paleo and Primal diet and lifestyles, Weston A. Price philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, EFT(Tapping), psychology.